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I’m Sean Logue, and this is my website, LogueCorp. At the moment, most of the interesting stuff can be found over in the blog section.

I am a top Amazon reviewer, and I got there partially because of my intense interest in things that are well-engineered to make things better.

A better lighting system. An improved cooking method. More efficient ways to clean, organize, and just plain live.

Over time, I’ve sought out and implemented so many of these things that my life has changed. I rarely touch a light switch, but my place is never dark. The doors are always locked, yet I never need keys. When my daughter gets safely home from school, I get a text. None of these things are particularly hard, but they do require knowledge, which I’m eager to share.

A big topic is home improvement. I enjoy making changes and additions to my home to make it better. This doesn’t involve adding walls or doing carpentry, but are things that anyone with some skill can do, like making the garage door close on its own if it is left open, computer-controlled lighting, new hoses for the washer and dryer, new shower heads, landscape lighting, artwork, painting, furniture, and even little easy things like putting special bumpers on the cabinet doors and drawers to make them close softly and replacing all the lights with LED versions.

I’m very into organization, so you’ll definitely see things like hanging shoe racks, collapsible shelving units, S-hooks to hang luggage in closets, a shower rod under my kitchen sink to hang spray bottles, and steel hook panels in the garage.

I’m also a master griller and smoker, so expect to see tips on how to bend any grill to your will as well. My daughter won’t even eat a hamburger anymore if it isn’t apple wood smoked. I actually tend to do more of that in the colder months, as I dislike the heat and humidity we get here in North Carolina during the summer months. However, I still cook creatively and enjoy finding new ways to make familiar things as well as making foods few people have heard of from various far-flung countries. In the end, though, Italian is easily my favorite food genre.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your blogs, Sean!

    Do you do consults? We need a new gas grill – our Weber Genesis is about to give up the ghost. Do you know about gas grills, or are you strictly a charcoal and wood guy?

    1. Post

      At the moment, I have a Weber Performer, which is a charcoal grill that has a built-in gas blowtorch with electronic ignition to start the coals. I love it! However, I have had gas grills in the past.

      My last one was a KitchenAid, that was actually made by Lynx. Super high-end, incredibly heavy, and constantly had problems with its electronic ignition. I had the entire wiring assembly replaced (twice!) and I still ended up having to light the stupid thing with a match.

      I might be old school on this, but if I were going to get a gas grill today, I’d probably just buy a high-end Weber and be done with it. They don’t have gimmicky features, they aren’t super-expensive, they are made in Ohio, have fantastic customer support, and are built to last. They just plain work.

      There are techniques you can use to get great smoke flavor out of a gas grill, and they are quicker and easier to use than charcoal, which is useful.

      If I had space for it, I’d have both, but I only have one cement pad that is designed for a grill, so I went with the charcoal-based Performer in that spot.

  2. Hi Sean,

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    All best,

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