Cha Cha Cha Changes…


Just a quick post to let everyone know that some changes are coming. I’m going to have to suspend most of the home improvement projects. I’ll still do some posts with smaller projects that don’t involve standing on the top of a ladder and installing things. I have some ideas around better organizing a pantry, for example.

Instead, I’m going to be posting more about cooking, which is my other interest, and is something that I can better accomplish without hurting myself.

I’ll also be posting some in-depth reviews of products that I’ve found to be truly great. For example, I’ve discovered what I truly believe to be the world’s best hot chocolate machine. I found a pizza oven that hits 600 degrees in twenty minutesĀ and sits on your existing stove burner.

So, stay tuned. I know these are changes not everyone will like, but the writing will remain the same, and I promise interesting things to come.

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