More flowers! Tulips!

Tulips are the only flowers that continue to grow when cut, and will actually grow toward the light. Not just a little – inches! I ordered a double bunch from my favorite florist, Bouqs, and they arrived today. They were pretty limp when I took them out. I cut the bottoms at a 45 degree angle with my kitchen scissors, …

New Flowers

I had a Bouq of flowers sent so that they would be here when Tessa returns home. They are still hydrating, and will need another day or two to open, but they look fantastic! This one is the Bold Bouq, Deluxe size (twice as big as regular size). Bouqs


Did you know tulips continue to grow after they are cut up to five inches? They also bend toward the sun. Very cool. I asked my favorite flower company, Bouqs, why they don’t carry them. I have a suspicion it is because they require a cooler climate than the equator. The Netherlands aren’t exactly known for being warm and sunny, …