Extended Warranties

Extended Warranty

Read any financial magazine and they’ll generally tell you not to spend your money on extended warranties. Their argument is almost always that you probably won’t encounter a problem large enough to cover the cost. They have their¬†old desktop calculator out, they are hitting the buttons, and what they are saying makes perfect mathematical sense. But, is it just possible …

The one where a long time went by without an entry

towel ring

It has been a very long time since my last blog entry. Why? Well, some health issues that I think would be outside the scope of a blog that is mostly based around my odd predilection for home improvement. The human back is a miraculous thing. It is curved in just the right places, much like the flying buttresses were …

Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash Button

What is the Amazon Dash? It is a small plastic oblong case with a large pushbutton on it and an LED. It sets up using the Amazon App on your phone, and then connects to your home wifi network and orders things when pressed. The idea is that when you start running out of something, like sandwich bags for your …

The one with the bistro lights

Bistro Lights

Here I was, all done with the home improvement projects (at least the big ones) for a while, when I came across a home decorating article that mentioned bistro lights. Intrigued, I ran a search. When I saw them, I knew they were for me, and immediately went into research mode. First, I looked for commercial-quality bistro lights, which are …


Spice labels part two!

Spice rack with labels

Did you happen to see my review of Beth’s awesome spice kit? Because it is a fantastic way of organizing your spices in a very space-effective and attractive way. One problem I had with it is that even though it looked and worked really well, I had no way of knowing which jar held which spice. They are each embossed …


The one with all the spices

Gneiss Spice

I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict. I’ve backed many, many projects. From little bits of titanium metal, to tops, video games, movies, leather goods, tungsten cubes formed under intense pressure, and… ¬†spices? Really? Yes! Spices tend to migrate to different cabinets, get lost in the back, and then can’t be found. Several times now, I’ve purchased a spice I …


Front door jewelry – Dressing it up

plain front door

I recently got furniture for my front porch, and it looks great. While examining the space, I’ve started noticing that my front door is looking rather plain. Plus, the doorbell, in addition to being the classic 50 cent builder’s special, no longer lights up, and has a cracked button. Interestingly, I started by getting house numbers, with the intention of …


Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster Opener Isolator

I’m about done with the larger projects for a while. Partially because the hot weather is encouraging me to take a break, but mostly due to lack of funds. Today I finally got around to doing a project that I bought the parts for over a year ago. Garage door openers are solidly attached directly to the floor joists above …


Everything but the kitchen sink

My kitchen faucet has leaked since I bought the place. Originally, it leaked all the time, by itself. When my real estate agent complained, they did something to it that stopped it from leaking. Unless it was moved while on. So, eventually I learned not to move the faucet while it was on lest it leak water all over the …


Front Porch

So, I guess there are two ways of looking at this. Either I’m way behind on the blogging, or I’m way ahead on the home improvement projects. I prefer the latter. When I was working on updating my screened porch, I got a small Suncast side table for it. This is an item intended to serve as both an end …