Site Changes and New Additions Coming Soon!

Site Changes and New Features

Over the next few weeks, you may notice some site changes. I am adding some additional features to the site. As each one is completed and tested, I’ll roll it out.

The first one is an Account button, which will allow you to log in and save your information.

The next steps are adding a shopping cart, checkout button, and a shopping page. The idea is to add onto the site to allow sales of interesting things. At this point, I don’t know what the interesting things will be. The work on the site needs to be done before that can happen.

In the meantime, the content won’t change. Well, very much. From now on, when I post reviews I’ll also include an Amazon affiliate link. This makes it quick and easy for you to find and purchase the correct product, and I get a few pennies commission for it to help support the site.

I’m looking forward to spreading the word about products that do the job better than existing solutions and provide ways to get them for your own home. And, as usual, I’ll pull no punches on the negatives, highlight the positives, and give ideas and examples for how they can be used most effectively.

It will be a fun and interesting ride.


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