Spice labels part two!

Spice rack with labels

Did you happen to see my review of Beth’s awesome spice kit? Because it is a fantastic way of organizing your spices in a very space-effective and attractive way.

One problem I had with it is that even though it looked and worked really well, I had no way of knowing which jar held which spice. They are each embossed with the spice name on the magnetic lid, but you can’t see the lid without removing the spice jar from the steel plate. Sure, some of them you could guess at, but for the most part, I was pretty clueless.

Beth was kind enough to notice my little backwoods blog, and sent me spice labels for the back of the jars! The great thing about these is that the labels are round and clear, with the name of each spice on the back of each one. So, they added the functionality to my new spice rack, without making it look bad. At all.

Spice rack with labels

Spice Rack with Labels

How cool is this? They look really professional, and they don’t interfere with the overall look at all. Some I got off-center, some were a little crooked, and the rest are pretty consistent, as I figured out a pattern (little jar numbers at the bottom of each one, label in the center). But, even so, I have to admit that all of them look great in the end. So, you really can’t go wrong. And, it took me all of ten minutes to apply the labels, so no worries.

My advice is (as before) to buy this kit, but make sure you add the labels to your cart before you checkout, because they are totally necessary.

I got my kit through Kickstarter, so I was unaware of the labels, but when you get yours, make sure they are a part of the order, as you will need them.

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  1. Hi Sean! Thanks for posting an updated photo of our jars – and sharing your thoughts on our labels. Your set looks great! If any of your readers see this post and order from us…I’ll be happy to include the labels for free! They can just write me a note when they check out. Thanks again for spreading the word about our small business. 🙂 ~Beth

    1. Post

      Awesome! Thanks Beth!

      A friend of mine tried to make one of these magnetic spice bottle racks herself, from scratch, and it turned out to be a lot more difficult and involved than she anticipated. It is done now, but if she could go back and do it again, she would probably have bought one of your kits instead and saved herself a great deal of pain.

      Obviously, that’s my feeling as well.

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